Network & Wifi

Nowadays, everyone is consuming content on the internet and is heavily reliant on the bandwidth they get for from their Internet Service Provider. Too often did we find, that even though the customer has paid for a package that provides high speeds, the way their network is built was not optimized and these speeds were rarely realized.
Having a properly installed and configured network backbone for your home or business is going to make all the difference when it comes to the performance and speeds of your network. If you properly place wireless access points throughout the property, and have the right equipment that can help in delivering and balancing the usage between all of your devices, you can avoid dead spots and slow internet speeds.
If you are building a new home, pre-wiring is one of the most important and cost effective processes than need to occur. This will allow for scalability in the future while making sure your house has the proper infrastructure for all the different systems that are typically installed. Another reason this is so important is future proofing your home – technology changes rapidly, and making sure you have the right cables in place will allow you to keep up with the times and be able to upgrade your equipment to the newest and greatest.
If you are suffering from slow internet, dropped connections from time to time, or just want to upgrade your network because you are adding more and more devices, we will be more than happy to propose a solution that will meet all your needs.
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