Smart Home

If you are looking for the ultimate custom smart home solution – look no further. This is where we shine – meeting with you, understanding your needs, and being able to design and install a custom solution that will elevate your lifestyle brings us great joy and satisfaction.
When designing a custom solution for you, we will be going through the following stages:
1. Consultation
2. Design
3. Installation & Configuration
4. Training
5. Ongoing Support
We believe that the most important thing throughout this process is understanding your needs and requirements so we can tailor the custom solution specifically for you. What you get from us is a unique, one-of-a-kind custom smart home solution that is easy to use, built to last, designed to be scaled, and most importantly will improve your overall experience and elevate your lifestyle!
Integrating all the different systems of your home using our custom solution will help you avoid having the need for 8-12 different apps you typically need to control each system independently. Not only will you be able to control you home through a single, easy to use app, but all the different systems can now “talk” to one another. This allows for some amazing automations that can save you time by creating scenes that trigger many different devices simultaneously, help save you money by turning off unused lights and making sure the temperature is set just right when you need it.
You can reach a level of customization which is unattainable using consumer grade DIY automation systems. Best of all, knowing that you have a professionally installed system, means that we always have your back and we will always be there to help troubleshoot, make changes or upgrades to the system and to make sure everything is running smoothly and as expected.

The following systems can be integrated into your custom smart home solution:

  1. Lights & Blinds
  2. Audio & Video
  3. Climate Control
  4. Security & Surveillance
  5. Irrigation
  6. Pool & Spa
  7. And so much more!

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